News Release

New rules for Garden Waste Collection!


From the beginning of May 2018, Suffolk Coastal will no longer be collecting the "Brown Bin" waste as a matter of course.

Instead, people now have to sign-up to register an interest in joining Suffolk Coastal’s Garden Waste Collection Service if they wish to have their garden waste collected.

At its Cabinet meeting in December 2017, Suffolk Coastal decided to introduce a charge for collecting garden waste from homes during next financial year (2018/19).

People in Suffolk Coastal will be given the option of paying an annual charge of £43 per garden waste bin (the equivalent of paying about £1.65 per fortnightly collection).

This is a completely voluntary scheme, which people will have to opt to join (rather than residents automatically becoming part of the scheme). It's voluntary, but the alternative is that you will no longer have your garden waste collected. 

The first paid-for collections are scheduled to start from the beginning of May 2018, with local residents able to subscribe for the new service from 1 March 2018 and if you have registered interest, you will receive an email when the subscription service is live.

However, in the meantime, you can register your interest by completing a simple online form.