Our Village

The village lies approximately four miles inland of Aldeburgh, just off of the A1094 with Leiston and Saxmundham being a further four miles to the North-East and North-West respectively.

We have a church; St Mary the Virgin and a Baptist Chapel, within the village and service times can be found in the Parish Magazine and on the church and chapel noticeboards.

Our village is relatively unique in that most of the village and much of the surrounding area was was still under the ownership of the local manor until the early part of the last century. Indeed, there is a document in existance recording the purchase of the freehold of one cottage in 1909 for 12/6d (about 62.5p in decimal coinage!).

Along with many villages, over the passage of time we have to cope with the loss of our shop, Post Office, the closure of the school, the recent uncertainty of the future of our Pub (although the current management do appear to be suceeding where many have failed), the folding of the local branch of the W.I. and generally less local employment, along with increasingly more expensive housing due to the growth of second homes and holiday lettings and other damage to the environment.

However there are still individuals and groups who strive to keep the community alive, preserve traditions, support institutions and each other and look forward to the future with new ideas, open minds, and an enthusiasm for what life and change will bring to the village of Friston in the 21st century.